The 756th Tank Battalion Association officially dissolved in 2010 after maintaining an active association for over 20 years. The few surviving members at that time could no longer attend reunions, so the decision was made to retire the colors to the Patton Museum at Fort Knox, and donate the association treasury money to the Disabled American Veterans and the National Museum of the U.S. Army.

756th Tank Battalion Official Repository for
Letters, Documents, Photos and Memorabilia…

If you have WWII or 756th Tank Battalion material that you are interested in preserving for future generations, the Association originally selected the Patton Museum Library and Archives as the “official” repository choice.  The Museum’s collection has since moved to Fort Benning, Georgia, and is now housed with the U.S. Army Armor & Cavalry Collection in Columbus, Georgia. The museum is currently being built, so storage may be an issue. Contact them through their website:

The collection is generally willing to accept any “archival material” such as books, documents, papers, letters, photographs and films. Any other “artifact” (such as uniform, insignia, equipment, or weapon) should always be cleared ahead of time. All material sent by you to the collection will be identified as “756th Tank Battalion” historical material will forever be cataloged as such and made available for future researchers wishing to research the 756th Tank Battalion.  


On August 10th, 2010, five veterans of the 756th Tank Battalion attended a ceremony at the Patton Museum at Fort Knox, Kentucky whereby the battalion colors were retired. All association property was also donated to the museum at the same time. Below are several photos from that bittersweet event:

(Left to right). Richard Coombs, Gene Palumbo, Clyde Guild, Robert Gill, and Charles Pelley.
(Left to right). Pelley, Guild, Gill, Coombs, and Palumbo hand over the battalion crest and streamers to the director of the Patton Museum.
(Left to right). Robert Gill, Clyde Guild, Charles Pelley, Richard Coombs, and Gene Palumbo climb aboard and M4A3 one last time.


2009 – Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. (Left to right, back): Robert Gill, Richard Coombs, Charles Pelley, Clyde Guild. (Left to right, seated): Henry Sanislow, Mike Sudvary, Dave Redle.
2008 – WWII Memorial, Washington D.C. (Left to right): Richard Coombs, Clyde Guild, Denis Hannan, Dave Redle, Gene Palumbo, Robert Gill, Frank Cockerill.
2007 – Huntington, West Virginia. (Left to right, back): Denis Hannan, Charles Pelley, Gene Palumbo, Mike Sudvary, Robert Gill. (Left to right, seated): Henry Sansilow, Jack Brown, Frank Cockerill, Jack Deenihan, Dave Redle, Clyde Guild. (Photo by Russell Jones)
2006 – Akron, Ohio. (Left to right, back): Gene Palumbo,  Richard Coombs, Frank Cockerill, Denis Hannan, Henry Sanislow, Robert Gill, Charles Pelley, and Mike Sudvary. (Left to right, seated): Jack Brown, Sam Liberto, David Redle, Clyde Guild.
2005 – Fon-du-Lac, Wisconsin. (Left to right, back): Marvin Kempf, Ralph Donley, Robert Gill, Bud Fink, Joseph Salvatore, Richard Coombs, Charles Pelley, Denis Hannan, Henry Sanislow, and Paul
Taylor.  (left to right, seated): Henry Deicken, David Redle, Clyde Guild, and Frank Cockerill.

* * * * *

756th Tank Battalion Association Reunions of the past…

Year:Date:City & State:Host(s):
19879/30 – 10/04Fresno, CaliforniaGeorge Montgomery
19889/24 – 9/27Fort Worth, TexasRoy Anderson
198910/05 – 10/08Akron, OhioDavid Redle
19909/20 – 9/23Omaha, NebraskaFrank Cockerill
19919/18 – 9/22Louisville, KentuckyJames Blackwell
19929/17 – 9/20St. Paul, MinnesotaRobert Kremer
19939/10 – 9/12Williamsburg, VirginiaEd Olson
19949/15 – 9/18Paducah, KentuckyClarence Yeatts
19949/29 – 10/02Lancaster, PennsylvaniaRoy Kosanke
19959/21 – 9/24Arlington, VirginiaDenis Hannan / Ed Olson
199510/12 – 10/15Oklahoma City, OklahomaJack Brown / Roy Kosanke
19968/12 – 8/16Las Vegas, NevadaGeorge Montgomery
19969/19 – 9/22St. Joseph, MissouriClarence Yeatts
19978/21 – 8/23Denver, ColoradoHerman Turpin
19989/10 – 9/13Pittsburg, PennsylvaniaHenry Sanislow / Mike Sudvary
19999/17 – 9/19Springfield, MissouriClarence Yeatts
20009/21 – 9/23San Diego, CaliforniaBud Fink
2001— Reunion scheduled for Fort Knox cancelled due to the 9-11 attacks —
20029/19 – 9/21Fort Knox, KentuckyBud Fink
20039/25 – 9/27San Antonio, TexasHerman Turpin
20049/16 – 9/18Omaha, NebraskaFrank Cockerill
20059/15 – 9/17Fond du Lac, WisconsinMarvin Kempf
20069/16 – 9/16Akron, OhioDavid Redle
20079/13 – 9/15Huntington, West VirginiaRobert Gill
20089/11 – 9/14Washington D.C. areaDenis Hannan
20099/10 – 9/12Fort Mitchell, KentuckyRichard Coombs
2010CancelledLouisville, KentuckyCoombs family

756th Tank Battalion Association “Taps” List:

The following is an incomplete list of the names of 756th Tank Battalion members who has passed away.  Most were association members, but others have been listed at the request of their families or friends…

NAME / CompanyDATE OF DEATHAffiliation/Source
Harvey F. Abbot (D)unknownAssociation
Arthur Abrahamson (A)2/21/2018Family Friend
Richard L. Adlard (B)8/22/1997Association
Donald L. Anderson9/27/2013Family Friend
Harley Anderson11/16/2014Family
Roy Anderson (B)6/27/2011Association
Bennie B Angerer (H)1/9/1997Association
Edwin Y. Arnold (H)unknownAssociation
Leroy F. Banham (H)unknownAssociation
Thomas Barber (B)1974Association
Lee P. Barnes (D)9/16/2007Family
Carrol E. Barnhart1/7/1996Association
Louis H. Bergheger (A)7/10/2004Association
James H. Blackwell (B)1/21/1996Association
George A. Boutilier (A)4/18/1999Association
John J. BostwickunknownAssociation
Howard J. Bowers (Sv)2/3/1996Association
Bedford Brown (H,A)3/25/1991Association
Jack H. Brown (H, C)July, 2013Family
Bertie L. Bulen (B)5/15/1993Association
Jack E. Burger (B)9/9/2001Association
Modestino Cafaro (H)unknownAssociation
Frank R. Cockerill, Jr. (B)5/19/2009Association
Doyle Cody1/6/2003Association
Charles H. Coleman (B)8/1976Association
Roy Collins (H)11/11/2009Association
Ansel M. Colvin (H)unknownAssociation
Donald W. Conklin8/16/1995Association
Roger Cornell11/15/1999Association
Ned S. Cox (A)unknownAssociation
Joseph Cutrone (B)unknownAssociation
George C. Davis (B)12/23/1995Association
Marioin A. Davis (A)1/20/2009Association
John J. “Jack” Deenihan (A)9/8/2011Association
John L. Deicken1/11/1991Association
Billy J. Donelson (D)3/22/1997Association
John H. Dooley (A)unknownAssociation
Ralph Donley (H)5/29/2011Association
Calvin Eaton1/15/2003Association
Thomas R. Ellison11/13/2003Association
William R. Engfer (B, A)4/7/1991Association
Victor M. Essy (Sv)unknownAssociation
Roger Fazendin (B)1/13/1993Association
George Felegy (C)6/19/2000Association
Bernard “Bud” H. Fink (B)11/6/2018Family
Donald A. Freeman (C)8/29/1992Association
Tomas Garcia (A)1998Association
Barney Gaugler (C)1/5/2003Association
Raymond S. Getz (B)unknownAssociation
Henry E. Gohde (B)1997Association
James W. Gilkerson (B)3/12/1996Association
Robert W. Gill (C)12/8/2015Family
George M. Gillispie (A)9/22/1995Association
Porfirio Gonzalez (A)10/17/2003Association
Bedford B. Grass (H)9/26/1996Association
James (Giacomo) Guarino (A)10/02/2007Association
Clyde W Guild (B)5/4/2017Family
Hugh M. Habenicht10/17/1995Association
John M. Hamilton (B)3/2/2000Association
William M. Hammer2/8/1969Family
Louis F. Hamp (C)3/7/2002Association
Denis Hannan (Med)2/5/2010Association
Norman LeeRoy Hardy (B)9/2/2014Family
James Haspel (B)unknownAssociation
John W Heard (C)1/18/2019Family
Stephen J. Horvath (C)unknownAssociation
Wallace R. Hudgins4/4/1992Association
Horace D. Hunsaker (A)5/5/2001Association
Raymond T. Johnson (A)unknownAssociation
Ralph Jones (Sv)1/14/1995Association
Vernon D. Judy (B)5/10/2000Association
Theodore A. Kartheiser (H)unknownAssociation
Frank S. Kartis (C)12/25/2008Friend
Marvin Kempf (A)8/8/2009Association
Marvin King (B)12/14/1998Assocation
Clifford E. Kirkland (C)unknownAssociation
Karl K. Kincaid (B)11/2/2001Association
Roy R. Kosanke (B)11/18/1996Association
Stanley J. Kotarski (A, D)unknownAssociation
Robert F. Kremer (B, D)7/11/1997Association
Martin Kuklis (B)3/23/1989Association
Charles E. Landgraff (H)12/3/1994Association
Raymond L. Leonard (B)7/14/1990Assocation
French G. Lewis (H, A, C)11/23/2004Association
Jacob D. Littreal (A)unknownAssociation
David Loeb (H, C)unknownAssociation
Oscar S. Long (H)5/16/1999Association
Howard A MahurinunknownAssociation
Maynard T. Marine9/20/2001Association
David L McConaghey (A)unknownAssociation
Anthony F. Melfi (B)wartimeAssociation
Norwood H Meisinger (B)3/5/2016Family
George Montgomery (B, D)10/9/1999Association
Rex Nall (C)4/21/2008Association
Raymond D. Norris (H)7/16/1997Association
Anthony L. Notaroberto (B)1995Association
Carl R. Nowlin (C)6/2/1996Association
Alvin Nusz (B)8/29/1999Association
Philip Olivia (Sv)9/28/1999Association
Haskell O. Oliver (B)unknownAssociation
Charles M. Olson (A)12/17/2002Association
Edwin B. Olson (C, H)5/5/2011Association
Vincent P. O’Malley (Sv)11/15/1996Association
Robert E. Padgett (B)9/21/1991Association
Gene Palumbo (B)5/11/2017Family
Gene W. Patsch (A)1/1/2000Association
Moultrie Patten (C, A, B)3/25/2009Association
Julian Peckham (D)10/9/1997Association
Yrineo H. Pena (A)12/2/2007Association
Frank Piotrowski (H, C)1/21/2000Association
Winton M. Pflugrad (C)1/26/1981Association
Ricard E. Pitman (C)unknownAssociation
James C. Quarles (A)3/10/2002Association
Paul M. Ranspach (B, D)4/26/2003Association
David D. Redle (B)1/7/2015Family
Arthur F. Richter (B, D, A)3/26/2014Friend
Joel Roth (D)6/5/2003Association
John Roth (B)5/26/2002Association
Eugene H. Rule (B)4/26/1998Association
Edward J. Sadowski (B)5/1994Association
Henry Sanislow (B)11/24/2011Association
Ruben Savaloja1/27/1995Association
Fred L. Schmidt (H)8/18/1998Association
John P. Sherlock1/15/1995Association
Ralph Slusser (B)6/24/2000Association
Foster Smith10/21/2000Association
Frank P. Souden (B)4/3/1996Association
Albert F. Spillard (C)unknownAssociation
Mike Sudvary (H, A)12/17/2011Association
Paul L. Taylor (B)12/25/2005Association
Osgood TowerunknownAssociation
Willis A. Trafton (A)4/3/1994Association
Herman L. Turpin (H, A)10/29/2005Association
Refugio Vasquez (H, Sv)12/27/1991Association
James T. Vaughn (B)4/28/1996Association
Armando Vignolo (B)3/14/2005Association
Albert C. Voegele (C)5/9/2001Association
Wilbur W. Wagner (H)6/17/1996Association
Cullen Ward (Sv)6/1997Association
Robert L. WeimerunknownAssociation
Charles M. Wilkinson (B)6/20/2008Association
Clarence E. Yeatts2005Association
Lawrence M. Wolfe11/4/1996Association