Riedwihr area, France, January 1945. Two knocked out tanks of B Company after a brutal winter battle on 24 January 24 1945 near La Maison Rouge. One of the tanks belonged to 2nd Lt. Anthony Melfi, who was killed in action during the fight. (Seventh U.S. Army Report of Operations Vol. II book, page 632)
France, February 1945, Sgt. Earl Regnier and crew atop their M4 awaiting orders to move out.
(Frank Cockerill)
France, early 1945. Members of the 3rd Platoon of B Company pose for a photo next to an M4 with a 76mm gun. (Frank Cockerill)
Germany, March 1945. 2nd Lt. Winston Blythe and Pvt. Charles R. Johns. Both men were killed days after this photo was taken when their tank was knocked out near Nuremburg. (Frank Cockerill)
Germany, 1945. Smith, Kuklis, Robbins, and Minnick all take a few moments to rest. Notice the sandbags on their tank placed as added protection against German panzerfaust. (Frank Cockerill)
Germany, March 1945. S/Sgt Frank Cockerill’s crew pose for a photo in front of their tank during
a column halt. (Frank Cockerill)
Salzburg, Austria, May 6th, 1945. Members of B Company learn of the war ending in Europe. Pictured in the back row (L to R): Lansdale* Coombs, Gavin, Furness. In front row (L to R): Robbins, Chirico, Cockerill, Kuklis. (Frank Cockerill)
*CORRECTION: Identifications in rear row are probably reversed. Clay Lansdale is standing on the
right in the back row, according to his daughter.
Germany, Early Summer 1945. S/Sgt Frank Cockerill directs his tank platoon during a post-war parade in Germany. (Frank Cockerill)